Become a NBS Model

Model's/Parents Agree to follow the Model's guidelines, take 8-10 pictures in good quality, return them in 12 days to NBSM, and do not contact boutiques. If you do not return pictures within 12 days the boutique has a right to charge you for items. We cannot promise bookings.


3 months:15
6 months:25
1 year:45

We do not have any lifetime listings.

How It Works


We accept various models of all ages ranging from Newborn to Adult, boy or girl, siblings & more and list them for a fee. Once a model is listed with NBSM they must submit their contact information, (6 ) Current High Quality or Professional photos of model being listed, Age and size.
Once a model is listed, various boutiques will have the opportunity to offer that model items to model for them at a discount or for FREE in return for 8-10 High Quality or Professional Photos. ***PLEASE NO CELL PHONE PICTURES***** Photos for the boutique MUST be returned within 14 day deadline of receiving item from the boutique. Unless prior arrangements are made with NBSM notifying them of a delay in pictures. The Model will be invoiced for the wholesale price by the boutique. Photos that have a lot of clutter, blurry or not High Quality will asked to be re-shot and returned within 5-7 days of the original deadline. Our boutiques depend on the quality of the photos to showcase their talent and product. We recommend outside shots because natural lighting and nature make some of the best backgrounds to enhance your photo, but this is only a suggestion.

WE CANNOT GUARANTEE A MODEL A BOOKING! However, if a model isn’t getting booked NBSM has an album we have set up for Unbooked Models. Most of our amazing Boutique Partners tend to book models from this album. Like we mentioned, NBSM cannot GUARANTEE a booking, we do strive hard to get every model booked at least once .

If this happens we will give u their Paypal and you will be allowed to invoice for the item u sent. And we will give the model a warning! After 3 warming they will be removed, with no refund!


3 months: $15 6 Months: $25 1 year: $45
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 3 months:15 6 months:25 1 year:45