NBSM Rules

Boutique Rules:

As a Boutique Partner we require that you book one FREE model a month and bookings for our models need to be at least ½ off the the wholesale price as discount bookings may not be outrageous! Boutiques will only be allowed to book discounted if its 50% off retail value. That's a discounted booking! This is a MUST! You are welcomed to book for free, for shipping price only or a discounted booking. Our models take amazing pictures, and don't want to have to pay full price for a item they could buy with out turning in pictures. Most of our models are using Professional Photography services to provide your boutique with High Quality Photos. If price is to high I will notify you of this and the price will need to be adjusted ASAP. Any boutiques not following NBSM rules will be warned once and the next time it happens your will be removed from the site and the modeling page.

Model Rules

Photos for the boutique MUST be returned within 14 day deadline of receiving item from the boutique. Unless prior arrangements are made with NBSM notifying them of a delay in pictures. If model photos are not returned within the deadline, the model will be invoiced by the boutique for the wholesale price of the booked item.


Photos may be asked to be rejected for the following reasons:
* Background clutter
* Blurry or not High Quality
* Booked item not visible

All rejected photos will asked to be re-shot and returned within 5-7 days of the original deadline. Our boutiques
depend on the quality of the photos to showcase their talent and product. We recommend outside shots because natural lighting and nature make some of the best backgrounds to enhance your photo, but this is only a suggestion.

***Models can communicate with boutiques ONLY via the NBSM website***